The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
Invited Speaker---Dr. Shou-Qing Ni

Dr. Shou-Qing Ni
Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shandong University, China

Speech Title: Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation: From laboratory to full-scale application

Abstract: From discovery in the early 1990s to completion of full-scale anammox reactor, it took almost two decades to uncover the secret veil of anammox bacteria. There were three milestones during the commercialization of anammox: the development of the first enrichment culture medium, the completion of the first commercial anammox reactor, and the fast start-up of full-scale anammox plant. Till now, the culture of anammox bacteria experienced a big progress through two general strategies: (a) to start up a reactor from scratch and (b) to seed the reactor with enriched anammox sludge. The first full-scale anammox reactor took 3.5 years to realize full operation using the first approach due to several reasons besides the lack of anammox sludge. On the other hand, the first Asian anammox reactor started up in two months, thanks to the availability of anammox seed. Along with the implementation of anammox plants, anammox eventually becomes the priority choice for ammonium wastewater treatment. For the first strategy, the reactor configuration is very important. Granulation also improves anammox application. The introduction of the exotic anammox sludge to seed a granular reactor is a good choice. Of course, anammox faces problems, such as the low total nitrogen removal and operational stability. We proposed process regulation via the help of chemical reaction and biological process.
The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
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