The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
Invited Speaker---Dr. Marwa Saied Shalaby

Dr. Marwa Saied Shalaby
Associate professor, Chemical Engineering and Pilot Plant Department, National Research Centre, Egypt

Dr. Marwa Saied Shalaby is Associate professor of Chemical Engineering and Pilot Plant, Engineering Research Division since 2015, member of flat sheet group- center of excellence in The National research Centre. She was graduated from faculty of Engineering – Cairo University in the year 2000. Also she has attained many national and international training courses. She has participated in many international cooperation projects. She worked in the field of process development for different chemical engineering plants and so the application of optimized research in field RO- brackish desalination units and wastewater treatment systems. She has 35 international publication articles [2011-2018] in nano-materials fabrication, chemical treatment in wastewater treatment, and Membrane Applications. She has participated in many internationally funded projects in the field of water desalination with the supervision of more than 15 M.Sc and Ph.D students. She is the principal investigator for several ongoing international cooperation projects with Indian, Italian, and polish partners.

Speech Title: Laser Synthesized Gold- Nanoparticles, Blend NF Membrane for phosphate Separation from Wastewater

Abstract: Phosphates are vital and their natural resources as rocks are depleting quickly. Different sources of phosphate wastewaters present a real problem and were banned for soil fertilization in many countries due to pathogens in municipals and presence of other micro-pollutants or heavy metals. In this work, nanofiltration membrane ( NF) will serve as a excellent opportunity to separate trivalent PO4--- in a concentrate and let mono- and divalent in permeate according to stringent environmental legislation and coping with phosphate recovery strategy. Improved fouling resistance and enhanced hydrophilicity were reached by optimized polymer blend with gold nanoparticles. Rejection % of 96.1 was achieved for NF-membrane supported with woven polyester and corresponds to permeability of 4.72 L/ at 0.1% gold in polymer blend. Alkaline feed water was found to be favorable for this polymeric blend membrane in presence of gold nanoparticles.
The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
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