The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
Invited Speaker---Dr. Stig Morling

Dr. Stig Morling
Senior Consultant, Sweco Environment, Sweden

Dr. Stig Morling is one of the most experienced Swedish Senior Engineers in environmental engineering, with emphasis on water and wastewater treatment processes, both from urban areas and industries. He participated in the development especially of the advanced biological wastewater technology and practices in this field during more than 49 years in Sweden and has been directing several applications of his knowledge in the international field, principally in North Africa, Eastern Europe, the Far East and Latin America. Stig has visited and worked 21 industrialised countries and 19 developing countries.

Within the so called Magreb states in North Africa Stig has worked with a lot of assignments all related to sanitation and water protection issues. The starting point was in Tunisia during the 1970is and lasted through the 1990is. Accordingly, Stig has participated in different projects in Algeria during two decades, from 1970is through early 1990is. Furthermore, in Morocco Stig has performed assignments during the 1990is. Some of these projects are highlighted below.

For the KWC, Kaunas Water Company, City of Kaunas, Lithuania Stig has been the Project Manager and Senior Technical Advisor. Feasibility study regarding the extension of the WWTP to biological nutrient removal Tender documents for turn key and tender evaluation of the offers. The work has accordingly included an assessment of the existing anaerobic digestion project.

For the cities of Eskisehir and Nevsehir new WWPs in Turkey Stig has been acting as senior technical advisor, with special responsibility for analysing the contractors design documents and assessment of the start-up procedures. Both these plants include capacities for treatment of industrial wastewaters from organic industries – mainly from livestock facilities.

For a Polish project, the wastewater treatment plant in Nowy Targ that is heavily polluted from Chromium based tanneries Stig has carried out both the basic investigations of the tanneries at site, the process plant design, training of the plant staff. The plant includes the reception and treatment capacity both for wastewaters from tanneries and a dairy. As a part of Stig´s Doctoral Thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology a deepened study of the plant performance for a period of three years.

For the city of Om-Noi in Thailand Stig has been the project president for the planning, design and tender document for the industrial/municipal WWTP.

For the Sai Kung Sewage Treatment works Stig is acting as senior process advisor to the client in Hong Kong, regarding an "in Cavern plant", inter alia including an activated sludge facility with a MBR separation technology.

Speech Title: An alternative approach to wastewater treatment – a possible source of resources and two pathways for an energy-saving and resource capture treatment

Abstract: There are many threats to a sound development towards a more sustainable future in the world today. Some of these threats are strongly connected with a too shortsighted use of fundamental elements in the industrialized world. The matter is accentuated in the rapid urbanization that “swallows” both arable land and important wetland facilities. Simultaneously the needed energy supply in many countries is based on fossil sources. Furthermore, the accelerating water pollution seems in some areas are often found to neglected by the authorities. This paper highlights possible pathways towards a far more sustainable situation:
• By taking advantage of solar cell energy production to fully cover the needed treatment needs for a far-reaching biological treatment of waste water;
• To recover both carbon (C) and phosphorus (P) as useful raw materials from municipal sludge. The matter may be accomplished by the Hydrothermal Carbonization process.
The 5th International Conference on Water Resource and Environment (WRE 2019)
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